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This is my post on Battlefield’s Forum. The moderators over there are powerless to help lift Evenbalance bans whilst it’s not their fault it is disheartening to know that nobody gives a shit about these LIFETIME bans because the value of the game is small. If this were a wide spread lifetime ban on $10,000 accounts Evenbalance would have a headstone by now. See original thread for all the replies only the O.P is posted here

The ban message says 1200 minutes, is this a ban that will resolve itself. I don’t use hacks, my stats show that lol they are terrible.

not sure if adding the server name makes any difference, I wont add the link just in case but I notice on the PBBANS site there’s a heap of players getting banned from the same CLAN [WBKS] is this a rogue admin banning players or some Punkbuster problem. I have had this account since day 1 of BF3 I don’t want it banned.

I’m reading elsewhere these bans might be due to the BFV beta requiring latest driver update? I did play the BFV Beta

I live stream my gameplay, as bad as it is but I still live stream it so I can go back and check if there’s any issues on the server.

Here is the point where I got banned for this alleged gamehack, 


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