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Not overly concerned that I am cutting this from REDDIT and sharing it. Nobody cares about the lifetime bans so who give’s a hoot about snipping a few comments. Link to the source will be included at the end of the copied content.

PunkBuster ban

So, here is the story – I played bf4 since 2015, played not very much, untill my friends bought this game couple weeks ago. I played with them, but then I decided to install windows 10. After that every game I tried to play crashed, so bf4 was crashin after 5-20 minutes of the game. Then I fixed this issue (was caused by driver) and wanted to try bf4, but I have PB ban ” VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) 83016“, never used any cheats in my life. Can somebody tell me how did I get banned, and why? (Yes, I’m shure that I’m not using any hacking programs, and I am the only user of my PC). I already appeal at PBBans and wrote ticket to Even Balance.

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