EA/Punkbuster Scandal. User Reply with same problem

Not overly concerned that I am cutting this from REDDIT and sharing it. Nobody cares about the lifetime bans so who give’s a hoot about snipping a few comments. Link to the source will be included at the end of the copied content.

FROM REDDIT USER (see the link to original post)
I got banned in the 81570 wave. I’ve been playing 3 years since BF3 released with 800hrs gameplay. I’m a premium member for both BF3 and BF4. I didn’t play BF3 for about 3 weeks or so and I was instantly banned on the 25/10. Which is over a month now. I also got cross game banned on BF4. So basically I got cheated(hah) out of $200.

I appealed, then realized the appeal process at OddBalance was a joke and that they don’t take it seriously.

You know something’s wrong when they very people who banned you can’t and wont help you get unbanned AT ALL. I’m talking about the people banned for false positives(yes there a lot of them) mostly GAMEHACK violations.

I did what I could by asking DICE, they have communicated and have said a few things but it’s sadly taking a lot of time.

Saw BF3/4 + premium on sale. Not going to bother to RE-BUY their game after being banned on TWO games I payed over $200 for when there are thousands out there buying the game on sale and using them for ACTUAL hacking.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield3/comments/2nrhm9/eapunkbuster_scandal_why_you_should_think_twice/


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