EA/Punkbuster Scandal. User Reply with same problem

Another player that has had their account stolen by PunkBuster all these reports will be going to econsumer.gov when there is enough here. 

Not overly concerned that I am cutting this from REDDIT and sharing it. Nobody cares about the lifetime bans so who give’s a hoot about snipping a few comments. Link to the source will be included at the end of the copied content. Spelling mistakes and typos are courtesy of the original author

[BF4] I can’t play this game anymore because Punkbuster GUID banned me for no reason.

I’ve never cheated or hacked in this game but one night I just couldn’t join any servers because it said “You have been kicked by Punkbuster”.

Contacting EA support was kinda worthless since they said they can’t do anything about third party programs and told to contact the developers of Punbuster.I wasn’t even able to talk to Even Balance because their website looks like it has been abandoned,also no resposes at all. Is there anyway to contact Even Balance directly,like through emails or something?

I fear I lost 80 euros 88 hours on a game that I really liked becuase of an error.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battlefield/comments/8f0rpf/bf4_i_cant_play_this_game_anymore_because/

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