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The Noob, Neebs, or simply Noob is the main character in the Battlefield Friends Series.He is known for his lack of in game skills or intelligence as he fails to understand almost every single thing his teammates say to him, yet believes himself to be an adept player. Watch all the Battlefield Friends Videos here.

Members add Platoons

If you have tried clicking the button on the main page that says MEMBERS ADD PLATOONS without logging in it will go to a 404 Error Page...sign up or login to add your platoons. View the Platoons here without logging

Platoon Leaderboards

Our Battlefield Platoon Members have seen this leaderboard and used it on this site in the past. It became a memory hog but the new one will be broken up into smaller platoons leaderboards complete with all the player stats. The links will come up on the site when the boards are ready. There

Rent A GameServer

If you rent a game server and use my referral link I will get a free gameserver for a month as a bonus.. This will go online straight away and be posted here with a big thank you sticker on it to you and links so players can go and use

Progress Monitor – Scooby’s Report

LINKS -- I made more links :)UPDATED LINKS - I will add some new links as the directory grows a bit. I have opened the forum so players can go post anything about their platoons now to get members from regions. Players can go there too if they want. This is not being built
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