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Zavod: Graveyard Shift


Night Operations includes Zavod: Graveyard Shift, the first map for Battlefield 4 that takes place entirely at night. As you might expect, this changes things up – instead of being able to rely on your eyes, you’re going to need to listen closely, and focus on tools like night scopes and your radar to survive


Operation Outbreak


Operation Outbreak has a lot of paths and hiding places, many of which are completely destructible. The first step to succeed is to take in the surroundings, as the landscape changes drastically during the course of a game. Knowledge of what is destructible and what isn’t, where to hide, and what shortcuts to take to cut someone off is the first step to success.


Dragon Valley 2015


Dragon Valley 2015 features 8 flags, more than any other Battlefield 4 map. This creates unique gameplay, and captures the pacing and gameplay of the original map. It’s a big map, and you tend to commit to an area of the map per round.



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