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Hello and thanks for joining our site.In your User Profile;You can now select regions where you play.You can also select Battlefield 3 and or Battlefield 4 as the games you play...There is more coming, this news is just to let you know.. THE REGIONS ARE HERE... World Map is coming soon too so members and

Battlefield Platoon TV

Battlefield Platoon TV Coming soon'ish .. you will be able to share your Twitch TV and or Youtube Live Streams on this site. Nobody needs to register here or log in.. you just contact me with your channel and I will add it to our Live Stream Gallery when it's will then include a link

FREE DLC for Battlefield 4

   Zavod: Graveyard ShiftNight Operations includes Zavod: Graveyard Shift, the first map for Battlefield 4 that takes place entirely at night. As you might expect, this changes things up – instead of being able to rely on your eyes, you’re going to need to listen closely, and focus on tools like night scopes and your
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