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Thanks for coming to see our website.


A site for gamers built by gamers 🙂

Navigating the site is pretty straight forward, follow the menu to Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4 and then within each menu is a ship load of maps for each game including the Premium Maps and the New Free DLC Battlefield 4 Maps.

  • make sure you checkout the BF4 Single Player link, it has the Fishing at Baku video playing in HD and a really good video to get you in the mood for playing Battlefield 4.
  • You can pause the video’s using the controls on the bottom left corner of your screen where the video is playing.

Scroll down on the map pages where you see the Official launch Trailer playing, it won’t stop while you checkout the maps. You can join a map when you see this button on one of the banners for the map.


The Menu at the bottom of the pages are navigated as follows;

Battlefield Platoon

Battlefield 3

this menu is down the bottom of the pages in the middle

The play buttons on the front page that say, Play Battlefield 3 or Play Battlefield 4 go to your server favorites in Battlelog too … there’s no mucking around here … you get to play straight away. Or you can go through our pages and find a different map to play Battlefield on.

There’s a link to your Server History too

GAME SERVERS –  I forgot to mention You can RENT your own GameServers server from our page. It’s the only source of income that comes here.. If you follow the rent a game server link and actually rent one, we will get one too. Only if you rent one for more than a month and we only get one for 1 month free. So far we have had about 10 servers over the last few years all from referrals and player contributions. It’s slowed right down to zero at this time.. so if you do rent a server can you be a good e-sport and use this link


See you on the Battlefield.




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