Alborz Mountains


One side of this map features a large forest-lined valley with a partially frozen lake. A bridge across the lake leads to the northeast and out of bounds. Recreational fishers have built cabins along the shore. Several trails and roads lead up to the ridgeline to the south, converging at two main passes.

The other side of the range is covered in snow, with small military outposts supporting a radar installation near one of the passes. The summit lies to the northeast, but is generally not of strategic value due to its harsh slope and distant location. Meanwhile, the grade leading to the southern valley is much more gentle, and much of it can be traversed by ground forces.


Bandar Desert


Bandar Desert is located near Bandar Abbas, a seaport in southern Iran, as it is surrounded by a desert. It is the biggest map in Battlefield history.

This map is set in a small bay with a modestly sized desert in the center. There is plenty of residential development close to shore, while an artillery base stands inland across from the desert. The region is surrounded by rock outcroppings, bisected by a large highway running north/south.


Armored Shield


This map is set in the outskirts of Sanoy, Russia.

Armored Shield mainly consists of rural farms, hills and a few small settlements. It is bordered by a river, and a plateau just out of bounds. Several wind turbines stand on the plateauwhile the foreground and hills look like a smaller version of Caspian Border.


Death Valley

death valley

The setting of this map is at night in a valley near the Turkmenistan - Iran border, with several dead trees dotting the map.

It also features a large under-construction office building, identical to the one in Gulf of Oman.

Most of the map is set on a plateau, with ravines to either side. A large railway crosses from east-west through a rail yard, with several lanes of north-south roadway passing underneath. The terrain is quite uneven throughout the map, allowing ground forces to occasionally travel through undetected.


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