So, how do you play in such an environment to get out on top? Here are some tips to give you an edge.

The goal of the Community Map Project was to build a medium-size map with an infantry focus that would maximize tactical destruction (while, at the same time, being an exciting place to play). With your help, we ended up with Operation Outbreak – a lush jungle canyon, where the centerpiece temple and waterfall is ever-present, and destruction takes center stage.

So, how do you play in such an environment to get out on top? Here are some tips to give you an edge.

EMBRACE THE MAZE OF OPPORTUNITY Operation Outbreak has a lot of paths and hiding places, many of which are completely destructible. The first step to succeed is to take in the surroundings, as the landscape changes drastically during the course of a game. Knowledge of what is destructible and what isn’t, where to hide, and what shortcuts to take to cut someone off is the first step to success. Gaining this knowledge will help you immensely when fighting for the map’s three center points: the Fishing Village, the Ghost Town, and the Temple. GET TO KNOW THE GHOST TOWN In the Ghost Town, everything but the water cisterns and the wrecked cars is destructible. With most of the cover being completely destructible at any point, the best tactic is to keep moving – always. No place is truly safe, and there are multiple angles to get attacked from at any point. At the downed helicopter towards the Medical Facility, you can find a unique weapon that can help you take the Ghost Town flag more easily, too – so, check that out.

USE THE BATTLE PICKUP TO KEEP THE TEMPLE The Temple might look easy to defend, but with all its nooks and hidden passages, it’s hard to maintain dominance over this point (though it’s worth the fight as the Battle Pickup sniper rifle sits conveniently in the middle of the temple). When defending, make sure you cover the two side flanks, as there are several ways to sneak in behind and surprise the defenders. Also, be on the lookout for transport helicopters sweeping in from above and cleaning up the exposed courtyard!

USE THE LEAST EXPECTED ENTRANCE TO TAKE THE FISHING VILLAGE The Fishing Village is built on stilts, and this creates vertical gameplay that can, at times, seem chaotic. A common tactic to take it over is to flank around the back and attack from the angle least expected. With all the houses on the top deck top being destructible, the little cover left behind by things like refrigerators means you will become very exposed – capture this flag quick and retreat to the other side of the road for an effective defense of this area. SPAWN BEACONS WILL HELP YOU CAPTURE THE MEDICAL FACILITY The core reason for the conflict is this Medical Facility and the virus being developed here. This area is wide open, and using vehicles as a means to capture this area is recommended. The use of spawn beacons is also a good tactic to take and keep this flag, with the US spawn close by.

WATCH OUT FOR VEHICLES AT THE PALM OIL PLANTATION The Palm Oil Plantation is a densely packed area where infantry players can find cover almost anywhere. Getting there is trickier however, and if you are on the US side, you’re going to want to use vehicles like the RHIB or the Transport Helicopter. Those, mixed with a spawn beacon conveniently placed on the outskirts of the area, is a viable tactic to take and keep this flag. As with the Medical Facility, the vicinity to the CH spawn area means you need to watch out for enemy vehicles and infantry coming from that direction.

PRACTICE YOUR JUNGLE STEALTH Jungle cover spread across the map adds the possibility to play stealthy. When being chased by an enemy, stopping and abruptly going prone in a bush can completely fool your foe. Setting traps is easy once you know the most common footpaths used, meaning claymores, motion sensors and other tools are very effective in the thick of the jungle! Plus, there are rumors of a weapons cache with the ultimate stealth weapon placed somewhere near the Ghost Town…


See you in the jungle!

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